18th Nottingham Rapidplay Chess Congress

This year’s Nottingham Rapidplay was held at Nottingham Boys High School on 18 February. Full scores for all events are listed below.

Tournament Director Rob Richmond reports:

The Open was strong this year, with an excellent turnout of top Notts players. Mark Hebden had a good day at the office to win the Open, agreeing a quick draw in the last round to secure outright 1st place.

The Major was hard fought, with David Brown edging into the lead in Round 5 and holding off John Tassi in Round 6.

The Minor was won by Neil Partridge of Littleover (Derbyshire), returning to competitive play after a number of years away. Creditable second place went to three three juniors – Edwin Justice (15), Michael Zhang (11) and Samuel Milson (12).

Numbers were slightly down this year, but there was no party of Polish students to hijack. The event returned to the excellent venue at Nottingham High School. My thanks to Neil Graham and John Swain for controlling and David Levens for being the celebrity chef. The event ran very smoothly – so smoothly that I will be asking the Executive Committee to consider reducing the gap between rounds from 30 to 20 minutes. Views welcome.



Open to all players

1Mark Hebden (Leicester)252£150.00
2=Robert Shaw (High Peak)195£40.00
Michael Barnes (Gambit)206£40.00
4=Kishan Lakhani (Long Eaton)1544
Alex Posazhennikov (Nottingham University)1744
6=Ankush Khandelwal (Ashfield)193
Alan Edwards (Wigston)192
8=Paul Cumbers (Sheffield Nomads)1913
Ian Kingston (West Nottingham)1413
10=Peter Mercs (Gambit)141
Tim Walker (West Bridgford)167
Robert Skinner (Caegwrle)143
Richard Webster (Ashfield)159
Daniel Wells (Newark)152
15=Ian Todd ()150e
Mike Surtees (Bolton)184
Graham Ladds (Newark)154
18Minh Ngoc Nguyen (West Nottingham)1861Withdrawn (2 rounds)


Open to players graded below 140

1David Brown (Long Eaton)1205£120.00
2John Tassi (Gambit)131£70.00
3=Daniel Broughton (West Bridgford)1144
Alex Combie (Newark)1274
Robert Taylor (Ashfield)1234
6=Will Place (West Bridgford)135
Jonathan Day (West Nottingham)87
Richard Edwards (Gambit)126
9=Mike Lally (Sheffield)1343
John Collins (West Nottingham)1323
Graham Booley (Birstall)1213
12=Oliver Exton (Nomads)128
Toby Thurgood (Nomads)103
14Janos Wagenbach (Mansfield)1202
15=George Murfet (Radcliffe & Bingham)112
Martin Chojnacki ()125Withdrawn (5 rounds)
Steve Foster (Worcester)131


Open to players graded below 110

1Neil Partridge ()108e£120.00
2=Edwin Justice (Ashfield)725£23.33
Samuel Milson (Louth)805£23.33
Michael Zhang (West Nottingham)825£23.33
5=Barry Redburn (Radcliffe & Bingham)854
Gary Hopkinson (Gambit)1004
Nigel Wright (Ashfield)984
Andy Johnson (Littlethorpe)904
Kim Gilbert (S. Lucas)914
Sally McIntosh (Ashfield)914
11=John Buttery (Radcliffe & Bingham)84
James Thomson ()96
Jon Asbury (S. Lucas)85
Daniel Lin (West Nottingham)108
15=Ben Hobson (Gambit)863
Dorothy Blampied (Bunkers)683
D. Wood (Northampton)3
S. Colley ()743
Chris Cumbers (Grantham)683
Collin Dandy (Sutton Coldfield)933Withdrawn (5 rounds)
Graham Gibson (Gambit)833
David Griffiths (Fiveways)1063Withdrawn (5 rounds)
James Waddington (Bolton)663
24=Richard Keane (Milton Keynes)106Withdrawn (5 rounds)
Kevin Marshall (Sheffield Nomads)94
Ravi Chandarana (LPSCA)35
Dean Madden (Spondon)30e
Anjali Lakhani (Long Eaton)105
Eric McKenna (Sheffield Nomads)101
30=Neil Milson (Louth)552
Aman Ruparelia (LPSCA)50e2
Keval Rughani (Rugby)442
Joseph Pacitto (Ashfield)362
Tracey Clegg (West Nottingham)602
35=Paul Neumann (Grantham)
Amy Milson (Louth)58
Saaras Mehan (West Nottingham)
Yash Gupta (West Nottingham)10Withdrawn (5 rounds)
39=Angus McIntosh (Ashfield)1
Daniel Thurgood (Nottingham High School)1