ECF County & District Correspondence Chess Championships 2008/09

Ward – Higgs (Division 1)

Below are the results for Notts in the 2008/09 competition. We narrowly avoided relegation. We have one or two new players for the forthcoming 2009/10 season, but no reserves. I would like to have more players. Is anyone out there interested? It’s one game played between October and June by email or normal mail, so not too onerous. Please get in touch.

J Keith Walters,
Notts Correspondence Captain,

E1 Paul Pachta (w) ½–½ Roland Smith (Kent)
E2 John Cooper 1–0 Moses Kawuma (Hants)
E3 Andrew Walker ½–½ D. McFarlane (Sussex)
E4 Robert Richmond 0–1 Andrew Dearnley (Yorks)
E5 Andy Robertshaw 0–1 K J Thurlow (Surrey)
E6 Ian Kingston 0–1 Chris O'Bee (Herts)
E7 Kevin Harvey 0–1 B. Whitehouse (Warks)
E8 Michael McBeth ½–½ Phil Eastlake (Northumberland)
E9 Steve Thacker 0–1 Norman O'Connor (Essex)
E10 Phil Jacobs 0–1 Blaine McGrady (Lancs)
E11 Alex Combie 1–0 G. de Visme (Staffs)
N1 Peter Grimsey ½–½ R. F. Hayward (Staffs)
N2 Maurice Hill ½–½ Tom Stonehouse (Kent)
N3 Janos Wagenbach ½–½ John Wheeler (Hants)
N4 Tim Lane ½–½ P M Stimpson (Sussex)
N5 Keith Walters 0-1 Mel Suffield (Yorks)
N6 John Tassi 1–0 Trevor Bates (Surrey)
N7 Tim Poole ½–½ Arthur Gray (Herts)
N8 Philip Becket 0-1 J S Hart (Warks)
N9 Chris Kent 1–0 Ben Wood (Northumberland)
N10 Graham Beales ½–½ Andy Robertson (Essex)
N11 John Calvert 0-1 Charles Williamson (Lancs)

Final Positions
1. Yorkshire 17½
2. Sussex 14
3= Essex 13
  Hampshire 13
5= Kent 10½
  Lancashire 10½
  Warwickshire 10½
8. Hertfordshire 10
9= Northumberland
11. Nottinghamshire
12. Staffordshire