Triple Attack

Article by Phil Morgan

Marcel Taylor and Alex Poyser scored the 2 Notts wins in the County U140 Final. Marcel‘s game swung decisively in the position shown below. Black has played his Queen from e6 to f6 to move out of a pin. Can you find Marcel’s best response, which required accurate calculation?

White To Move

triple attack


Marcel played 25 Qd7 and thinks this may be the first time in a long playing career he has played a Triple Attack move. Marcel - “The Queen attacks the Bishop on b7, the Rook on e8, and just for good measure, looks over her right shoulder and doubly attacks the Knight on f5. Although the move was obvious, my Queen was deep in enemy territory. After my opponent’s only move ( Nd6), my Queen was essentially surrounded.”

After this move , Marcel found White’s optimal continuation and clinically converted the win with this sequence. 26 Rd1 Rd8 27 Qc7 Bf8 28 Bxe5 Qe7 29 Qxb6 f6? 30 Bxd6 Rxd6 31 Rxd6 Qe4 32 Bf3 Qb1+ 33 Rd1 Resigns

Congratulations to Marcel and watch out if you’re facing him next season. After playing this game, I’m sure Marcel will be looking for opportunities to repeat his Triple Attack motif.