Entrants List

Nottingham Rapidplay 2018

Only entrants that have had their details validated and have paid their entry fee will be shown below. If you think your name is missing from the entrants list then please contact the organisers.

Last updated: 11/12/2017 13:50:50
Name Club ECF Grade Bye
Willow, Jonah West Nottingham 190
Combie, Alexander Newark 167
Burnett, Jim Mansfield

Number of Players = 3

Name Club ECF Grade Bye
Sudar, Dragoljub Gambit 148
Gogia, Armaan West Nottingham 143

Number of Players = 2

Name Club ECF Grade Bye
Sangha, Karam West Nottingham 133
Harper, Michael 127
Padvis, Derek Gambit 126
Wagenbach, Janos Mansfield 122
Abrahart, Bob 100
Dunne, David Nomads

Number of Players = 6

Name Club ECF Grade Bye
Gretton, Margaret Gambit 108
Fischer, Paul Lincoln 104
Watson, Andrew Horncastle 102
Wright, Joseph University 78
Arafat, Abul

Number of Players = 5